Why use a workplace strategist?

why use a workplace strategist

Consider how well your business and the people in your workplace operate. Do your employees have the space, resources and flexibility to perform at their best? Does your work environment foster collaboration, productivity and innovation? If you are dissatisfied with your answers, your workplace could benefit from implementing a new way of working. Transitioning to a new way of working involves understanding the occupancy model you will be adopting and identifying the physical, virtual and behavioural changes required to support that model. This is where a workplace strategist comes in. A workplace strategist or workplace consultant will help to identify, plan and execute the transition to a new way of working for your organisation. Here we outline what a workplace strategist does and how one can benefit your business.

What does a workplace strategist do?

Workplace strategists help you to understand how you are currently operating and what changes are required to operate in an effective working environment for both your business goals and your people. After evaluating the current state of your workspace, they can plan and execute the workplace strategy that will positively impact your physical space, technology and behaviour and provide an ideal solution to enhance culture, productivity, innovation, sustainability and cost efficiency.

At Presynct, the workplace strategy considers six pillars: ideal occupancy model, accommodation planning, concept design, required technology, change approach and financial viability. Each of these factors forms the framework for the transition. For areas outside our scope, such as detailed design, construction, IT installation and relocations, we partner with trusted industry experts to deliver the smoothest transition.

How can your business benefit from a workplace consultant?

How people work has evolved, and every organisation has their drivers for change. Now more than ever, it is essential for workplaces to be flexible and adapt to a new way of working. For a workspace to function at its best, it needs to be created with the user in mind.

A workplace strategist can partner with you to develop a workplace strategy and manage the change process that considers the physical space, technology and behaviours to create a way of working that is the best solution for your organisation and its people. Effective workplace strategies align with organisational values and cultural aspirations. When planned and executed successfully, this will enhance your organisation’s culture, reduce your property and operating costs and empower your people. New ways of working will also address and enable key business strategies – breaking down silos and fostering a more innovative and collaborative workforce.

At Presynct, we offer an evidence-based, data-driven approach to workplace strategy that supports your people and your vision for the organisation. Our change approach means we are confident staff will not only accept the change but take ownership and continue to improve the new way of working.

Our workplace change results speak for themselves, with over 97% of employees responding that they were given sufficient information to adapt to new ways of working and 92% of employees responding that they felt the workplace change was a good change for their business. Our approach to workplace strategy for our clients has resulted in 40% average cost savings and 30% average space savings. Read more about Presynct’s tried and tested strategy process.

There are many reasons an organisation might consider speaking with a workplace strategist or consultant to develop a workplace strategy. Even if an organisation is already operating flexibly, moving to a new way of working can positively impact culture and reduce costs.

The Presynct team is always happy to share our change approach and methodology around new ways of working. Please reach out via our Contact Us page.

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