What is a workplace strategy?

The key to any successful workplace transition is a data-driven strategy. How can you know or get to where you want to be if you do not understand how you are currently operating and what changes are required? At Presynct, the workplace strategy considers six pillars: ideal occupancy model, accommodation planning, concept design, required technology, change approach and financial viability. Each of these factors forms the framework for the change. For areas that are outside of our scope such as detailed design, construction, IT install and relocations, we partner with trusted industry experts to deliver the smoothest transition.

What is covered under a workplace strategy?


First we need to determine how you will operate within the space. To achieve this, we take into consideration how you are currently occupying the space, the zones that support the activities you do and any colocation requirements. Once we have narrowed down the occupancy model options that are relevant to your organisation, we can use this data for site selection and concept test fits.


The next decision to make is the ideal location for the new workspace and what it will look like. We need to determine how much space is needed, the technical requirements, the required amenities and the location that best supports your people and strategic goals.


The best-known step in a workplace strategy is the concept design or test fit where we get to see the future workspace configuration and how it will work. Through research and engagement, we analyse the zones and settings required for the future space and produce a space budget to support a range of headcounts. This space budget is included in a design brief prepared for the designer to complete the concept design. Test fit is intended to examine whether the settings outlined in the space budget will fit into the area required and ensure the space will function properly for the organisation.


A technology audit is completed as part of the strategy process to determine the current state of the organisation. We can then determine the technology uplift required to ensure all employees are fully mobile and can seamlessly connect to any workstation or meeting space. When moving to a new way of working, we want to ensure that there is a consistent user experience with all technology.

The technology solution should be customised to your organisation so that it best supports your people and the activities they complete. We also look at any requirements for people and space finding technology. The required technology is then overlayed onto the concept design.


In any workplace change, the shift to a new way of working is viewed differently by different people. Some see it as an opportunity for a new and improved space that better supports the way the organisation works, while others see it as a loss of ownership of a desk, inability to find their team and new barriers to the way they work. Our change approach supports employees through the transition to shift views by developing a sense of ownership of the future shared workplace. The change approach outlines the activities, sequence, messages, engagement and support required for the transition to the new way of working.


Taking the data we have gathered we can model the financial impact of the new way of working. Presynct’s financial modelling tool allows us to compare the cost of operating as you currently are versus the savings acquired from moving to a new way of working. A variability analysis can also be conducted to see how factors such as greater headcount growth or a reduction in upfront capital impact the financial outcomes.

What is the Presynct approach to determining your workplace strategy?

Each workplace strategy is different. We are experts in workplace, but you are the experts in what you do. We’ll partner with you to figure out the best solution for your workplace. For a workspace to function its best it needs to be created with the user in mind. Everything we do in the workplace strategy and throughout the workplace change process influences how the physical space, technology and behaviour will come together to create a way of working that is the best solution for your organisation and its people.

There are four phases in the Presynct strategy process:


We take the time to uncover how your people work, the values of the organisation and the vision for the future.


We genuinely listen to and engage with your people. Workplace should be shaped around your people, not the other way around. We facilitate employee activities and workshops to deeply understand your people’s needs while educating them around workplace and enabling them to imagine what the future could look like.


Applying our experience and industry knowledge we analyse the data to generate the workplace options that best align with your organisation. These options will inform the change approach and allow you to make informed decisions.


With the relevant options outlined, we piece together a picture of the future workplace – how you will operate within the space, the change approach and the financial implications of these changes. We work with you to inform and influence the design, operations and business to ensure the workplace strategy supports the vision and aspiration.

Should I complete a workplace strategy?

There are many reasons an organisation might consider completing a workplace strategy or speaking with a workplace change specialist. Even if an organisation is already operating flexibly, moving to a new way of working can have a positive impact on culture and reduce costs.

The Presynct team is always happy to share our approach and methodology around new ways of working. Please reach out via our Contact Us page.

Lisa Copland