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Location: Brisbane

SIZE2,202 sqm
TYPEReduction in sqm
OPERATING MODELFixed desk to agile
SERVICE OFFERINGStrategy and Change Delivery


A prominent Queenlsand Government agency have successfully transitioned to a shared working environment. The key drivers for the transition were:

  1. Strengthens an all of agency model which supports people to work with the right people at the right times, enables cross sector collaboration and mentoring, and provides an enhanced high quality workplace supporting agency activities and wellbeing
  2. Improve client relationships and trust in the agency’s people and products
  3. Aligns with the Queensland Government Strategy to support the efficient use of space


Over 15 months, Presynct successfully transitioned the agency’s Brisbane employees to an activity-based working (ABW) environment. It’s a shared space, featuring a choice of settings to support a variety of workstyles and activities. There are no dedicated or assigned seats.

Presynct completed the workplace strategy and developed and delivered an end-to-end change management programme.

Presynct demonstrated a 26% saving on real estate costs (including rent and churn costs) over a 10-year lease whilst supporting significant improvements to organisational culture and effectiveness. The agency has demonstrated the success through significant improvements in their annual employee experience survey.


  • ENGAGEMENT​: The agency’s highest in six years of the survey. Up 5% from 2018.
  • BENCHMARKING: Benchmarking against Queensland’s public sector shows consistent and higher results across the board.
  • AGENCY SPECIFIC: Almost all questions that measure against the agency’s values have increased.
  • WORKPLACE FACTORS​: Strong improvements in Organisational Fairness and Workload, Health, Organisational leadership and Innovation.


  • 91% of employees agreed that the agency is committed to embedding and sustaining the new ways of working.
  • 97% of employees agreed they had sufficient knowledge to enable them to successfully adapt to the new way of working.
  • 98% of employees agreed the new way of working is a good change for the agency.

“The new work setup is awesome. The lockers are really good, and with a decluttered workspace, I feel more productive. The technology is seamless and it feels good to have a proper café area. Overall, new workplace is just amazing. Well done to all involved.”

Agency employee

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