A successful workplace strategy defines the ideal solution to enhance culture, productivity, innovation, sustainability and cost efficiency.

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Our approach to workplace strategy ensures our clients’ workplaces are flexibile to accomodate fluctuations in headcount, projects and contractors easily without changing the physical space now and in to the future.

Even if the organisation considers themselves flexible, there are nearly always an identified and costed technology uplift to enable new ways of working.

New ways of working not only create property savings but also address and enable key business strategies – breaking down silos and fostering a more innovative and collaborative workforce.




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Successful workplace strategies take a holistic approach and do not consider the four elements in isolation. We recognise that every organisation is different. Modern workplace concepts are not one size fits all. Effective workplace strategies align with organisational values and cultural aspirations.

Occupancy model

Bespoke design with a variety of meeting and workspaces, strategic collocation and teaming support different workstyles and alternate ways of working concepts.

Required Technology

Mobile technology at the desk, within the workplace, meeting spaces and home enable work, connection and collaboration from anywhere at anytime.

Change Approach

A robust and engaging change approach that involves your people in developing new behaviours and protocols supports people from discovery through to acceptance and ownership of the new work environment.

Financial Viability

Comparative financial models that consider property, churn, technology and change costs and demonstrate tangible return on investment.

From Our Founder


The success of your organisation relies on your people. Employees who feel valued, supported, trusted and empowered are the very employees who will deliver and elevate your business. When making decisions about the workplace, decisions that impact your people, we recognise that everyone matters.

Our approach to workplace strategy and change is to harnesses that philosophy. Engagement with people from all areas of the business ensures everybody is given the opportunity to have a voice.


Try our people centric process



Time taken to fully understand your organisation, your people, your values and vision.




A variety of engagement activities allow your people to imagine what it could be and influence the future workplace.


Our discovery, the data and our experience deliver insights and workplace strategy that enable you to make informed decisions about the your new work environment.

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