Any workplace strategy requires a robust change approach to support successful delivery.  Our change approach addresses the physical, virtual and behavioral changes that underpin the new way of working.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our change approach means we are confident staff will not only accept, but take ownership and continue to improve the new way of working.

We always measure the success of not only the change approach, but the new versus old way of working.

The results speak for themselves with over 97% of staff responding that they were given sufficient information to adapt to new ways of working. 92% felt the workplace change was a good change for their business.






Postive CHANGE


ability to adopt


our approach

Our change approach is highly interactive to ensure all employees are engaged throughout the journey to support early adoption and acceptance of the change, developing ownership of the new working environment.

Sense of commitment

Employee engagement and authentic, transparent 
communication is key. We develop a sense of commitment by clearly outlining the change approach, the end-state and delivering on it – without the jargon.

Engage with purpose

We create opportunities throughout the change journey for employees to be involved in workplace decisions that impact them.  Afterall, the success of the new working environment is dependent on your employees.

Focus on decisions

Communications and engagement efforts are centred around decisions, concerns and milestones that directly relate to achieving the best outcome for your workplace and people. This demonstrates that we listened and care for your people.

Challenge thinking

Why go with the status quo? We actively challenge you and your people to work through scenarios to develop solutions that best support and align with your workplace vision and aspirations.

From Our team


We care about your business, values and your people which means we listen and adapt but challenge and guide you. We are methodical in our approach, but flexible when it comes to finding the best solution for you.  We do this by engaging you and your people in decisions that impact your organisation, using a variety of touchpoints and channels to ensure maximum reach.

We love workplace and because we are so niche, we have the ability to draw on best practice from a variety of sources and examples to adapt for your organisation and provide you with a range of insights from a variety of sectors.


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