The way people work has evolved so why hasn’t your workplace?

Why rethink your workplace

Workplace Evolution TRENDS

There area number of catalysts that prompt business leaders to rethinking the workplace. Every organisation has their own drivers for change. Like any platform, the workplace has evolved over time and is shaped by global trends that continue to shift as they are tried and tested.

Space management

A shared occupancy model enables organisations to expand and contract within the existing footprint reducing real estate costs.

Space as a Service and Coworking

Allow organisations to react quickly to rapid headcount fluctuations, in tailor-made solutions without long-term lease liabilities.

Changing workforce

The composition of the modern workforce is changing. Generational shifts in the workplace bring different expectations, values and workstyles.

Wellbeing and sustainability

Organisations that demonstrate care for their people and a commitment to the environment provide an attractive employee value proposition.

Enabling technology

Technology that enables mobility supports flexibility and fosters an environment in which employees can work anywhere at anytime.


What the EXPERTS say


66% of Australian organisations will adopt an alternative way of working (ABW, agile, flexible, dynamic working) by 2020 TELSYTE


90% of employees would not leave a workplace that has adopted modern ways of working for a traditional office set-up


Adopting alterative ways of working (Agile, ABW, Dynamic, Flexible), can help reduce property footprint by 40% SERRAVIEW

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