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Understanding how your organisation works in their current environment is a key input to assess and define future viable occupancy models and space requirements.

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A utilisation study is a key data point to any workplace strategy. It demonstrates the degree of under-utilisation which informs the ideal occupancy model for that organisation and determines the right amount of space needed.

These studies enable organisations to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

There are risks if you choose not to undertake a utilisation study as part of your workplace strategy:

  • Employee resistance to new ways of working because model is not based on actual quantitative data
  • Leasing more space than needed
  • The space not driving the right behaviours to support new ways of working.

On average, most traditional workplaces with an assigned seating occupancy model are underutilised at any given time. 











    use of assigned workpoints AT PEAK


    ACTUAL USE OF Meeting rooms AND SPACES


    AVERAGE use of assigned workpoints




    A workplace observer completes a walkaround via a set route every 30 minutes during office hours, every day for a period of two to four weeks.  The observer records the data in a spreadsheet which is then analysed to determine peak, average and worst-case occupancy for multiple settings – work settings and meeting spaces.

    This option provides us with detailed information about what is happening in the space and can be completed internally with tools provided by Presynct. It is highly labour intensive, and people tend to adjust their behaviour when they see the observers.


    The collection of workplace occupancy data is completed via sensors which offer real-time insights on workplace occupancy and space availability.  Sensors only record heat and movement and are installed after-hours to minimise disruption. Sensors provide accurate to-the-minute data about how the current space is being used. Data is translated to a dashboard which doesn’t identify individuals but demonstrates how much (or little) space is in use at any given time.

    This option is a non intrusive, cost effective method to collect highly accurate data. 

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    Our sensor solution can be deployed quickly and easily for two to four weeks on one floor or multiple.

    The software is independent of your IT system, protects individual privacy and comes with all the communications you need. 

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