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A lease renewal was the trigger for a small Queensland Government agency with wide reach to rethink the way they work. The Leadership saw this as an opportunity to uplift the culture and operating rhythm through workplace design.

The aim of the new approach was to enable individuals and teams to work more collaboratively together as ‘one’ as opposed to in separate divisions or sectors. This was to support more efficient service delivery for their clients, heighten productivity and foster innovation.

The refurbishment aimed to provide the organisation with cost efficiencies and support their future strategy by providing flexibility for business change whilst limiting disruption.

It also needed to support the whole-of-government strategy to maintain occupancy of existing long-term leases, improve densities and reduce costs.

Presynct were engaged post detailed design to develop and manage the change journey. Our concern was that the design did not support the organisation’s aspiration to operate as ‘one’, but rather enabled the current siloed and hierarchical structure.

Under the original design, 40 percent of the organisation would occupy 80 percent of desks under an assigned model, with 60 percent of more mobile employees sharing only 20 percent of desks when working in the office. Leaders were originally occupying offices or dedicated director pods. Employees would not have equal access to worksettings and spaces.

Upgraded individual and desktop technology was not considered a requirement to enable this new way of working limiting employee mobility when working in the office.

For these reasons, the original design did not support the organisation’s aspiration to operate as ‘one’,  optimise use of space to heighten productivity or foster innovation nor maximise the opportunity to improve densities to support the whole-of-government strategy.


Once engaged and having reviewed the organistions key drivers, current state and detailed design, Presynct quickly recognised that the original proposal would not fully support the business to realise their desired outcomes – increased collaboration, heightened productivity and alignment with whole-of-government strategy.

Employees had not been engaged in the design process, nor given the opportunity to define what they do and what they need to deliver at their best.

The organisation simply ‘did not know, what they didn’t know’ regarding effective modern workplace design’, supporting technology and behaviours.

The first intervention was to take the leadership team on a number of workplace tours to allow them to see what is possible. This immediately prompted the leadership team to completely rethink the provision of offices and director pods – to repurpose the offices to meeting rooms, and redesign the director pods to support increased collaboration through equal access to shared facilities, and varying workstyles.

The other key change from the original design was to standardise desktop and individual technology. This required a change to the asset replacement cycle, but without this, the success of the new workplace would not have been achievable. All employees can seamlessly connect to any desk and any meeting room within the space.

Employees were engaged to develop the workplace etiquette and use of space protocols to align with the organisation’s existing values. As a result employees have taken ownership of the space and feel empowered through the trust they are given to choose where and how to work.

While the organisation was not prepared to commit to hand back additional space initially, as per our recommendation, less than 6 months has passed, and the leadership team have now acknowledged they are in a position to hand back additional space, with a considerable cost saving, and no impact to their employees or operations.









“Lisa and Alix, are genuinely one of the most dynamic and effective teams I have ever worked with. I learned a huge amount about human change management from them but what was equally impressive was how much I learned about presentation (both written and oral) and persuasion, from them. It’s a pretty humbling experience when you’ve worked in an industry for a long time and think you’ve seen it all, to have two people come along and challenge so many of your accepted wisdoms, so successfully.”

John Moore

CTO, Queensland Audit Office

“Alix Freeman is exactly the person you want on your team if you’re trying to make sure your office transformation works. And by works, I mean happens on time and to budget, but more importantly captures the hearts and minds of your people in a way that makes them genuinely embrace the opportunity it offers to rethink their way of working. There’s far more to that than buildings, desks and chairs.”

Fiona Robertson

Former Head of Culture, NAB

“Presynct tailored their offering and expertise to best support our unique requirements. Within a tight budget and timeframe, they went above and beyond to deliver a successful workplace strategy and change program. Not only have we saved significantly on property spend due to this change but the feedback on both the change program and the new way of working has been incredibly positive. Thank you Presynct for helping us to make our new offices and new way of working a huge success!”

Maureen Croft

Workplace Experience Manager, Employsure

“Lisa’s proven approach proactively reaches out to key stakeholders across the business, using her passion and interpersonal skills to get them to the table. She demonstrates competency using a formal, structured, collection of user requirement information, and she earns the trust of the stakeholders by demonstrating exactly how user needs and preferences were ultimately refined and incorporated into the strategy and design. Lisa will always be at the top of my rolodex under Workplace Change Management. Her work ethic is off the charts, and she has never let me down.”

Tim Koehn

Project Manager, Perth HQ, Chevron

“Lisa Copland’s consulting talents are centered around helping her clients engage a wide range of stakeholders to facilitate better decision-making. She’s also great at translating client needs into requirements that can guide design teams to develop more innovative workplace solutions that best meet the needs of her clients.”

Dan Darby

Practise Lead, Darby Consulting

“To our partners Presynct, I praise you for opening our eyes to the possibilities of ABW and teaching us all to best utilise the space in a way that was engaging and empowering. Thank you so much.”

Brendan Worrall

Auditor-General, Queensland Audit Office

“With KPMG having moved to a fully agile environment, the change management piece was absolutely critical to make sure it was a success.  We were very lucky to have the services of Alix Freeman who managed the change process for us over 12 months and was instrumental to the success of our program. She did a great job providing support and strategic advice to the local project team, influencing the design, developing and delivering the change program, and building effective and continuing relationships across the firm. I have no hesitation in recommending Alix Freeman.”

Rob Jones

Former QLD State Chair, KPMG

“Lisa Copland is an exceptional person and professional. She has a contagious enthusiasm, grasps concepts quickly and is able to connect the dots to turn strategy into action. I feel that trust is fundamental to any relationship – professional or otherwise – and Lisa is someone I trust unconditionally. She has integrity and strength of character. I know that she will always do right by her clients and her colleagues.”

Vivian Li

Senior Consultant, Expressworks International

After the design budget review, we noticed an interesting trend that our furniture budget was under by ~$600,000 USD, which we attribute most, if not all, to your innovative workplace survey tool.”

Robert crabb

Former Head of Global Real Estate Projects, Chevron

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