One of the biggest issues raised by employees moving to a new work environment is noise.  Designers and architects spend incredible amounts of time looking at ways to reduce noise in the workspace but what if they are looking the in wrong place?  What if the solution is less about the physical space and more about the technology and behaviors in a space.

We all know how hard it is to ask someone else to “be quiet” – most of us will just try to focus harder while being distracted by our colleagues talking around us – but what if we were empowered to remove ourselves from the situation and easily relocate to a quiet space where no one would interrupt us?

Managing noise can sometimes be solved simply by things such as

  • providing mobility devices that allow people to “work anywhere” and easy access to alternative spaces that are set up for you to work.
  • having a telephony system to make and receive calls “from anywhere”
  • having teams agree on some simple “use of space” and “etiquette” so there is alignment on noisy and quite areas and when to interrupt someone.
  • Working with leaders to support outcomes based management and reduce requirements for presenteeism.

Using the same space, but changing the technology and behavior, employees can get the benefits of ad-hoc collaboration but also the quiet high focus uninterrupted time they need.

Photo “Designed by Asierromero / Freepik”