Many companies are focused on driving down the cost of their real estate through high density fits outs (12 sqm per person). These spaces are often a sea of small assigned desks and limited alternative settings.  And whist the cost savings are significant, they often come at the expense of productivity, employee satisfaction, collaboration and the opportunity to have a space that fully enables the work activities of the occupants.

But what if you can have it both? a space that provides cost savings AND benefits the occupants of the space.

Welcome to the walkthrough of my latest project – the Agile Pilot: an activity based working space.  We were able to transition our client to a new occupancy model in just five months by making sure the physical space met the end user’s needs and the virtual space allowed easy mobility.  This was underpinned by a behavior program that addressed the changes in ways of working required in the space.

Not only is our client achieving 11.4 sqm per person (sharing ratio of 6 desks per 10 people) and offering over 70% of the space as alternative settings, but they are getting significant improvement in perceived productivity, satisfaction, ability to focus, collaboration and trust.

Thanks to Roger Walker and the INCORP Brisbane team who completed the fit-out design.